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Hello, My name is Sanjay Majumder and my nickname is Sanju. I have been a generally keen seeker or crazy about Science & Tech from my high schooling time. I think everybody has the hunger to know about the grand design and programming and mystery of our Universe and the common questioning “who am I”?

Though “Science Beyond Science” is owned by me but I take help from my friend’s circle and they are very professionals.

I am still learning new things every day to share it. I am an Art lover also, listen to sad songs when feeling sad.
I used to love spending time on the internet. Writing for me is like exploring myself by reaching more and more lovers growing day by day.

I hope my Articles are helpful to feed Your knowledge-hungry mind and if you have any query ( science/tech related ) or suggestion about anything you can contact me through the “Contact Me” page.
If you want to know more About Me in details, like schooling, my strength, blah, blah you can view my Google Plus(g+) profile.

Photo of Dhiman Das at thesciencebeyond.com
(Photo of my elder cousin Dhiman Das, my mentor & guide for thesciencebeyond.com)
Signature of Sanjay Majumder at thesciencebeyond.com
(Signature of Sanjay Majumder)
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