Antimatter : what is antimatter ?

Antimatter : what is antimatter ?


We all know that our universe is made up of matter and energy but you ever heard of Antimatter..? It has also the same appearance as like as matter, but the difference is in their sub-atomic particles. The electric charge of the particle of an atom of antimatter is completely reversed to an atom of normal matter. Atoms of matter have particles, known as electrons(with negative charge), protons(with a positive charge) and neutrons(neutral).In opposite atoms of antimatter have also particles, known as the Antiprotons in the nucleus (with a negative charge) and Anti-electrons or positrons( with a positive charge) and for these opposite charges when they collided with each other they annihilated each other and their mass completely converted into energy.

But why only normal matter dominates the Universe today..???

Why matter came to dominate is a question that science has yet to discover. One theory suggests that more normal matter was created than antimatter after Big Bang, for that even after mutual annihilation there was plenty of normal matter left to form a planet, Sun, Galaxies and us.

Cost of 1 gram of Antimatter..???

The cost of producing 1 gram of Antimatter is $62500,000,000,000. The scientist has made Anti- Hydrogen but it is impossible to hold Anti-Hydrogen in a holder made of normal matter so they are kept by powerful magnetic levitation in a laboratory.

Probability of using as fuel in Spaceship 

When particles of antimatter interact with particles of normal matter they annihilate each other and produce enormous energy. This has led engineers to speculate that antimatter powered spacecraft will be a possibility to explore the universe in an efficient way.

anti-matter may be energy source of future generation

If 1 gram antimatter interact with 1 gram of normal matter in controlled manner then 2 gram mass completely converted into energy. And the amount of energy it produce
is –> Energy in ergs=2gm×(30,000,000,000.0cm/sec)2 = 1800,000,000,000,000,000,000 ergs of energy. For instance, this is equal to the energy emitted by a 100 watt bulb for:
 =1800,000,000,000 seconds, since there are 30,000,000 seconds in a year,  this means that 100-watt bulb running for 60,000 years.

Antimatter Bomb “The Destroyer

The most powerful hydrogen bomb(Tsar) ever exploded had a TNT equivalent of 50 Mt TNT,

if I remember correctly TNT energy equivalent is 4184 MJ/ Kg, that gives a mass loss of only 2.67 Kg and the Tsar bomb weighed 27,000 Kg, so here we can see a tiny percentage of mass converted into energy in so-called hydrogen bomb but Antimatter has the ability to completely convert the mass into energy. If (13500kg normal matter + 13500kg Antimatter) = 27,000 Kg mixture explode the amount of energy to release is equivalent to 27,000÷ 2.67 = 10,112.35 Tsar bombs. It is like more than ten thousand Tsar bombs explosion at once.

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