How big is our Universe..???

How big is our Universe..???

How big is our Universe

How big is Our Universe ?

Our Universe

How big is the universe ..? that is the question a man has been asking since the beginning of the time. Let’s take an imaginary tour of the universe. 

Imagine if we travel at the speed of light departing from our own star sun on a trip across the Cosmos on 1st January midnight. Let’s imagine if we are traveling at the speed of 186000 miles per second we just quickly pass the orbit of Mercury then Venus and span of 93 million miles that separate the Earth from the Sun in just 8 minutes 19 second. We continue on passing Mars then the gas Giant planet Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune. Finally after 5 hours 31 minutes, we passed the Pluto and companion moon. Our journey has taken us over 3.5 billion miles to the outer limits of our solar system, it’s still January 1st.

Now we travel in the direction perpendicular to our Galaxy, behind us 9 planets and Sun quickly vanished the emptiness of space has broken only by the light of stars so distant that they don’t yet appear to move. A year passes, then 2 years, 3 years, 4 years, finally on April 19th of the 5th year we reach Alpha Centauri A, the nearest star to our solar system.

We have traveled more than 25 trillion miles and our journey has scarcely begun…
When we are 10 light years from the Sun, far enough out in a space that the stars in our galaxy appear to converge. In 100 light years from the sun, gas and nebulous material from the arms of the Milky Way fill our view. In 1000 light years the galaxy’s arms and disks become more defined. Yet it’s not until we have traveled at the speed of light for 100000 years that the entire Spiral of Milky Way is recognized. From here on each point of light we see is no longer as an individual star but an entire Galaxy. 

If you add 22 zeros behind 10 and whatever figure it is, there are approx, that many stars in each Galaxy. 5 million years after, the Milky Way seems the part of the 30 galaxies cluster known as the local group. 50 million light years out we encountered the large burger cluster containing more than 2000 galaxies, and so it goes as our travel continues to take us deeper into the Cosmos. 

Finally, after 10 billion years past we decelerate and pause to observe a theoretical view of the universe. Now we can see countless billions of galaxies are no more than a microdot here (as many as 10 rests to 20 galaxies), it’s spectacular. So vast and divers its designs that the power of its creator must truly surpass human understandings.

The Creator of this Universe how Powerful..! Creative and Extraordinary He would be… That is the question we must ask ourselves… That He has created such a beautiful World.

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