How to track location when smartphone is lost? Find out

How to track location when smartphone is lost? Find out

How to track location when smartphone is lost

How to track location when smartphone is lost Find out :

A minute without your smartphone is stuttering. If you do not have it in your hands from morning to sleep at night, you feel yourself alone. If the smartphone is lost! Then the whole world seems dark so how to find a lost smartphone? And this article is about (“How to track location when smartphone/mobile is lost).

How to Track location of Android phone-mobile

It is possible to find lost smartphones on Android and iOS operating systems. If your phone is lost or stolen, you can find the location or lock the phone if it is not available. Moreover it is also possible to hide all the important information. Go to the website to find out the phone’s location. There is also a ‘Find my device’ option in Samsung’s phone. By using this service, the lost phone can be tracked through this technology. Moreover you can also erase or lock your phone’s data by going to ‘Find my device’ option in in google.

How to Track location of iPhone/ios-mobile

Now what to do with iPhone?  Please go to and log in to activate the location service. There is also a ‘Find My iPhone’ app, you should download this app to track the location of lost device. Remember tracking is only possible whether your smartphone is on or in the mobile network. But one plus point, if anyone change the SIM card, don’t worry, the location tracking will still remain working condition, because it track location through IMEI number of your lost device.

Hope, this article will be helpful for you to find out your lost phone.


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