Restraint of White Hair is Potato Peel

Restraint of White Hair is Potato Peel

Restraint of White Hair is Potato Peel

Solutions/ remedies/treatment/restraint of White Hair is Potato Peel

: Restraint of White Hair is Potato Peel :

The proof of age is seen through white peeping among black hairs. Basically, due to the lack of proper nutrients, hairs becomes white at a young age. Especially this problem arises in the absence of Vitamin-B, copper, mineral, zinc, and iron. And also, due to hereditary reasons. After reading this article you can resolve this problem very easily and permanently, because “Restraint of White Hair is Potato Peel.Gray Hair No More
However, it is possible to solve the problem in a natural way without using chemical hair dye.  And to do this, your kitchen ingredients is enough. Yes, it is a potato. You can make this natural dye from the left peel of potato in your kitchen.

Making Components

Peels of 5 or 6  large potato, saucepan, sieve, old shampoo bottles, hairdressing brush, moisturising shampoo and conditioner, and towel.

How to make Dye from Potato Peels for Gray and White hair

Take a cup of potato peels inside the saucepan. Add two cups of water and cover the saucepan. Now enhance the heat until the water is boiled. Allow potato peels to boil for 20-30 minutes in boiling water.

Let it cool down. when it gets cold, pour the water into the sieve for separate the water in a bowl. Clean the shampoo bottle and store the water dye.

How to use Potato Water Dye on Hair

Then wash the hair with moisturizing shampoo and make conditioning. Then wash the conditioner and wash the hair with potato water dye. Do not wash it with water. Keep your hair on the towel for a while. Then dry the hair.

So try to wash the hair every day with potato water dye. Everyday hair conditioner should be used because ripe hair is more vulnerable. If you can not do that, then this hair will be washed with the dye for at least 2 or 3 days in a week.

If the smell of potato is felt bad, then you can use one drop of scented Essential Oil. Unlike the chemical dye, the ripe hair will not be removed in a day but in a few weeks or months of regular use, white hairs will not be seen again.

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Gray Hair No More


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