screenshot on mac – the easiest way

screenshot on mac – the easiest way

“How to take screenshot on mac”


   screenshot on mac



There are some keyboard shortcuts for taking a “screenshot on mac” (MACINTOSH), and many of the users do not know about it. Today we will discuss some kind of shortcut for helping users like you. Please follow the process below.


  1. Press the Command (⌘) + Shift + 3 to take a full-screen screenshot on mac


  1. To take a screenshot on mac for some parts of the screen

Press Command (⌘) + Shift + 4

Then your mouse cursor will look like crossover point, move the cursor to the part of the image you that you want.

Now select the desired portion with dragging your mouse.


  1. Editing the screenshot on mac:

You can move the screenshot by holding the space bar.

         Holding the Shift key, you can change the size of the crossover point on any one side.

         Holding down the Option key, the screenshot can be reduced or increased in equal amount from both sides.

         Pressing Escape key will stop taking screenshots and the crossover pointer will go away.


  1. Screenshot of the window:

First press Command (⌘) + Shift + 4.

Now press the Space key. See the crossover pointer will display like a camera pointer.

Now take the camera pointer where you want to take a screenshot to click.



To take screenshots on Windows computers, press the PrtScSysRq button on the keyboard. Now click on the Start menu and click on All-programs from the Accessory. From there click on the paint program. Press Ctrl + V when the paint is open. Your screenshot will be pasted here. If you want, you can save the picture of the specific area using the crop option (top left).

Finally, save the screenshot by pressing Ctrl + S





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