Stop Snoring: causes, remedies and treatment

Stop Snoring: causes, remedies and treatment

Stop Snoring: causes, remedies and treatment

Everybody snore during sleep occasionally, about 40% of adult men and 24% of women snore according to the ‘American Academy of Sleep Medicine’ reports. Excessive loud snoring can create many problems. It can destroy the relationship between couples; apart from this it has also serious health related issue. This article is all about- “Stop Snoring: causes remedies and treatment” will help to resolve this.

Stop Snoring: causes, remedies and treatment
Stop Snoring: causes, remedies and treatment

Snoring can create three major problems for you, these are- (i) poor sleep, (ii) fatigue and (iii) health related problems. Before we discuss about cures of snoring, we have to know, what causes snoring.

Causes of Snoring:

Following are the main reasons which causes the snoring-

(i) Loose extra fatty tissue in throat wind pipe for breathing or thin wind pipe due to thick neck.  

(ii) Extra tissue in nose, thin nasal way, curved nasal bone structure in nose.

(iii) Tongue fall back during sleep can block wind and also cause you to snore.

(iv) Chronic congestion of sinus or nasal also in few cases responsible for snoring.

Stop Snoring: causes, remedies and treatment

Sleep Apnea:

Due to aging and obesity many men stores excessive fat muscle in their throat and also due to age the tone of this fatty muscle loosen. During sleep these loosen tissue goes into more relax state and almost blocked the wind pipe in the throat. It happens mostly in middle aged men. In this type of situation carbon dioxide increased in the blood due to the blockage of air into lungs. Here our brain sense it that the amount of oxygen is very low in body and subconscious mind makes signal to wake up, and we wake up suddenly at night with gasping, like nightmare, but we can’t move, like paralysed.

This type of situation in Medical term is called ‘Obstructive Sleep Apnea’. This can cause serious problems to human heart, because due to lack of oxygen in body our heart pumps so fast, out of capacity, which can’t bear out our heart. In Sleep Apnea a man over and again wake up many times during his sleep and due to poor sleep body releases stress hormones.  ‘Sleep Apnea’ can create many health related problems like heart disease, high blood pressure, sex disorder, depression, headache, intoxicated feeling, oblivion etc.

Stop Snoring: causes, remedies and treatment

Snoring remedies/treatment:

Before we know the cures for snoring we have to find the causes of snoring for the particular man or woman, because different people might have different cause of snoring. We can guess the reasons behind snoring of a particular person by the position of some body organs during snoring. To sum up these are mainly as-

(i) Closed mouth snoring— due to dysfunction of tongue or nasal,

(ii)  Open mouth snoring— due to dysfunction of throat,

(iii) Mild snoring when sleeping on back— due to sleeping position ( sleep by the side could be helpful).

After you found the specific reason of snoring then we can flow the solution described below for stop snoring.

Stop Snoring: causes, remedies and treatment

Snoring solutions:

There are four ways we can take to stop the snoring problems. These are—

(i) Healthy lifestyle to stop snoring:

Good habit and good lifestyle is the first key to get rid of the problem of snoring, in short there are certain lifestyle changes you have to do for stop snoring. These are-

(a) lose overweight to stop snoring-

Excessive fatty body mass is one of the main reason directly responsible to snoring. If you take good healthy diet excluding fat, it could be helpful for you to lose weight.

(b) Exercise to stop snoring (snoring exercise/mouth exercise)

 Exercise is a very important thing to stop snoring. It burns extra fat of your body and also tighten the muscle of your body. Thus exercise directly or indirectly tighten the tissue in your throat. You can also do some particular snoring exercise or mouth exercise for your throat and mouth which is very helpful to get rid from snoring.

(c) Avoid smoking, alcohol, relaxant and allergic medicine to stop snoring-

Smoking, drinking alcohol and some kind of relaxant and allergic medicines or drugs are responsible for slackness of tissue muscle in our body and also in mouth and throat which can causes snoring. These elements also create roughness in tissue. So, please you are advised to abstain from taking this elements, which can be very helpful for stop snoring.

(ii) Bedtime remedies to stop snoring-

Before sleeping at night some bedtime remedies can also helpful to stop snoring. These easy snoring remedies are as-

(a) Cleaning nasal and sinuses to stop snoring-

Cleaning of nasal or sinus regularly can stop snoring if it causes by some disfunctionality of nose or some chronic congestion in nasal way. To clean your nasal way, you have to take some water from your nostrils and then take it out from mouth. Try to do this process over and again for 5 times.

(b) Change sleeping position to stop snoring-

If you have a habit of sleeping on your back then try to sleep on your side which can be beneficial to stop snoring. When somebody sleep on back, due to gravity the relax muscle of jaw and tongue fall back more and partially stop the wind passage which causes snoring while sleeping, so sleeping on side can be beneficial in some person to stop snoring. Sleeping position might impact your snoring.

(c) Anti snoring devices/aids/appliances-

There are various ‘anti-snoring devices‘ are present in market at this time which could be very helpful to gets rid of your snoring. These snore reducing aids or anti snoring devices/aids/appliances helps to keep the airways open during sleeping. Some of the best anti-snoring device or appliances are nasal strips/nasal band/nose clip, chin strips, mouthpieces and jaw straps for jaw and tongue, anti snoring pillow etc.

(iii) Natural remedies-home remedies-herbs- ayurveda & food for stop snoring-

Here below are some natural remedies for get rid of snoring-

(a) Peppermint oil is able to tighten muscles. So, take a glass of warm water mix 2 drops of peppermint oil into it and gurgle with it for 4 minutes.

(b) For the second method take a glass of warm milk and mixed half teaspoon turmeric powder, 1 teaspoon olive oil and 1 teaspoon honey into it. Now drink it slowly in several sips.

(c) Before sleep at night intake two drops of peppermint oil or olive oil or tee tree oil or warm ghee (clarified butter) through both nostrils or use them randomly.

(d) There are some foods which is beneficial to get rid of snoring problem. These anti-snoring foods are honey, peppermint, garlic, milk, fish, onion, soya milk, pineapple, tea etc.

(iv) Medical treatment/cures for snoring-

If nothing can’t stop you from snoring then you should go for medical help. So, I will suggest you please contact and consult an ENT specialist doctor. However, Doctor maybe tell you first to do exercise and improve your lifestyle. If condition does not change then two ways are open to get rid of your snoring, that Doctor would be suggest-

(a) Using CPAP machine to stop snoring-

‘CPAP’ stands for ‘Continuous Positive Airway Pressure’. CPAP machine provides high pressure air into lungs during sleeping and airway remains open due to pressurised air, this could be stop a person from snoring permanently. But, Con of CPAP machine is that you have to use this machine for a long time or lifetime.

(b) Surgery for stop snoring-

The last way of stop snoring is surgery. At last, Doctors will find the causes that close the breathing air in the way to lungs and surgically and ‘permanently fix the problem of snoring‘. In most cases doctor surgically remove the extra fatty tissue inside throat and thus solve the problem of snoring.

In conclusion, I want to say that if you snore regularly don’t think it’s normal, it can be a dangerous health issue in future. So before taking any big steps, like surgery; you should try minor ways to get rid of this disease, like exercise, healthy lifestyle, using ‘anti-snoring appliances‘ etc.

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