TAIPEI Act of USA against China for Corona.

TAIPEI Act of USA against China for Corona.

TAIPEI Act 2020

The relationship between the US and China is getting worse at the moment for Corona virus. We can understand that through CNN’s articles and US media. The Corona virus is from the Wuhan province of China. And for which so many death and disasters have occurred all over the world. It is also observable that negative impression and so much anger towards China is being seen all over the world. (Article about TAIPEI Act 2020)

China on Covid-19 issue

China to counter the issue has started giving false information that it was spreading through an US soldier. And China is not responsible for it. Many Chinese people are now beginning to believe that the virus had not spread through China. Also Russian has now begun to believe that the virus spread through US soldier. And China is just a victim and then it become global through China. The people of these countries, as in a few republics, such as India, Australia, US, Canada, European Union countries actually mean that the virus has spread from the Wuhan province of China.

US-China relation on Covid-19 issue

China has been hiding the virulence of Corona virus for many months. And has been critical of those nations that cancelled international flights to China because of this Chinese virus. As the 2020 election is about take place in the USA, and the US is facing huge financial losses for the Chinese virus. It is expected that the US-China relations will continue to worsen. US has now take a new step toward punishing China. Now US will give more support for getting International recognition of Taiwan.

China is very touchy about Taiwan matter and also very overprotective about Taiwan. Chinese government believes that Taiwan is not an independent country. China force many countries to have no relations with Taiwan. China’s game plan is to include Taiwan in ‘Republic of China’ in any way by 2049. According to a report (PWC-2017), states that by 2050 China’s economic Power will surpass US. And if the India is not too assertive by this time, China will make Taiwan a part of itself.

At present Taiwan has informal relations with some countries and other countries have no relation with Taiwan. And gradually China is reducing the number of countries have informal relation with Taiwan. They also succeeding and isolating Taiwan from all over the world.

It is also observed that addresses clash over Taiwan’s exclusion from ‘World Health Organisation’s meetings. It has been quite unfair to Taiwan regarding covid-19. US accused ‘WHO’ is responsible for this matter and also doubtful that it could happen under the financial influence of China over ‘WHO’.

What is under Taipei Act

US Senate and Donald Trump to counter this bad concoction of China has passed the TAIPEI Act (Taiwan Allies International Protection and Enhancement Initiative Act.) recently, this can be called a very historic step by the United States of America. This act explicitly calls out China for its excesses in the region, by referring to coercion of Taiwan as a “bullying tactic”.  Now the US will use every tool to support Taiwan’s standing on the international stage.

TAIPEI Act Explanation Video-


And under the bill the US will consider reducing its economic security and diplomatic engagement with nations that take significant actions to undermine Taiwan. This new TAIPEI Act will create pressure and tension in nations like Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Srilanka, Nepal, Myanmar and some African countries. According to the bill, the US will advocate for Taiwan’s membership in all International Organisation in which statehood is not a requirement and says Taiwan will be granted observer status in other appropriate International Organisations.

In conclusion, it is absolutely clear to the world that many provinces within China are oppressed by China’s dictatorial regime. And they want to form independent state. Therefore, this TAIPEI Act will add fuel to their freedom movement.


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