How to write blog posts with good SEO score

How to write blog posts with good SEO score

How to write blog posts with good SEO score-SEO Friendly

Writing a blog post is not only an artistic skill to write a good piece of work for readers, there also some sort of tech involved. The tech or science is about SEO( search engine optimization) for every post or article on your blog. Without optimization of posts or articles, your hard work is like a futile attempt. With good optimization of posts, you can utilize 100% potentiality of your hard work and that will bring more readers to your blog and revenue too. Watch the video, Rank On Page #1 In 60 Seconds and Get INSTANT TARGETED VISITORS. ( How to write blog posts with good SEO score-SEO friendly ) described below—

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write blog posts with good SEO score-SEO Friendly“:-

Below I described that ‘how to write blog posts or articles SEO friendly with good SEO score’ point wise. And you should follow these steps while writing, because it will boost your On Page SEO and that will help your posts or articles to rank in search engine results.

1. what should be the Length of  an Article in a post

“write blog posts with good SEO score”  >> Lengthy article is good for SEO. Most of the posts appear on the first page of google search results are over 1500 words. Every blog posts should maintain at least 300 words not less than 300 words. This is the first and most important key to write blog posts with good SEO score.

2. how to choose “Focus Keyword” to write blog posts with good SEO score

At first, you have to choose the best focus keyword for your post or article. The focus keyword is the most important word or phrase in your article. The question is that how to choose the best keyword? I will help you to choose the focus keyword by the following example. Suppose you are going to write an article about taking “screenshot on Mac”. Now you have to keep in mind that what are the search terms people generally type in the browser. It can be:

1. how to take a screenshot on Mac,

or 2. Five ways to take a screenshot on Mac,

or  3. screenshot on Mac-the easiest way.

Now you have to find the common word or phrase among them. you can see that screenshot on Mac is common in every search term, so thus you can choose screenshot on Mac as focus keyword. You have to choose the focus keyword before you are going to write an article in your mind. You can also use different paid and free keyword researching tool. Google Keyword Planner is a very good Keyword Researching tool that can help you to know the most searched keywords on a particular topic and which keyword has less competition. You can rank your Keyword on google very quickly if you select the less competitive keywords.



3. how to write the Title of the Article for good SEO

Selecting a good title for the post is also a factor for good SEO score. Always try to place your focus keyword at the beginning of the title and also maintain the length of the title, it should not exceed the viewable limit when you share the post on social media platforms.

4. Utilization of Focus Keyword to write blog posts with good SEO score

Insert focus keyword in the first paragraph of the article and try to make it appear twice in the first paragraph and make bold and underline it and close with an inverted comma to one of them. Focus Keyword should not contain any StopWord (and, but, with etc. treated as StopWord).

You must use the focus keyword as H2 heading and also try to insert the focus keyword into other subheadings if possible. And also try to use other various subheadings like (H3, H4, H5, H6). But there is a limitation of using focus keyword in your article it should not exceed 2.5% percent of the total word in your article. Suppose if your article contains 320 words then you can use your focus keyword (320 x 2.5/100) = 8 times not more than that, if you use it 8 times in a 320 word article then it will be treated as good keyword density but if you use it more than 8 times in this article then it will be treated as keyword stuffing and your post will not be ranked in search engine. Another thing doesn’t use same focus keyword on another post on the same blog.

5. how to write Slug for a blog post

Try to keep the slug of a post short and the slug should not contain any stopword. You can insert the focus keyword into the Slug.

6. how to choose Tags  to write blog posts with good SEO score

Another important factor for good SEO score is selecting the tags for the article. You can use the most searched term for the particular article on the search engine as tags. You can also use the search predictions from Google on the browser. I recommend you to use 5-6 tags for any post not more than that.

7. how to write the Meta Description to make post SEO friendly

The length of the meta description should not exceed 320 characters and not less than 160 characters. The meta description must contain the focus keyword. Don’t use the auto-generated meta description, I recommend you to use the tags as your meta description, just copy the text of tags one by one and paste it into the meta description box, separate them with the comma.

8. give Inbound & Outbound links  in an article to write blog posts with good SEO score

Always try to give an inbound & outbound link on every article which you are going to publish. An inbound link means that by clicking a hyperlinked word in the article readers will redirect to another post in your blog & an outbound link means clicking a hyperlinked word readers will be redirected to another website or blog.

9. Set up a Featured Image

The last step is setting up a featured image for the post you are going to publish. I recommend you to set a Square JPG image not less than 200 x 200 pixels and also don’t forget to add an alt attribution text for the image.

Now Google suggest to use Next Gen format of image in article, like WebP, Jpeg 2000 etc. Because Next Gen format of image is more compact and use less memory, and due to this in return it increase the loading speed of your site, which is a big factor for ranking of your site or posts.

Now you are ready to write blog posts with good SEO score, just follow the aforesaid tips when you will go to write your next article on your blog. If you are using WordPress then you can use a plugin called Yoast SEO as overall SEO monitor for your blog and, if your optimization for any article is good then it will show it with a green bullet.

Wish you happy publishing.

——— write blog posts with good SEO score-SEO Friendly Article ———-


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